Our Story

We are a team of high school volunteers that are passionate about teaching and learning. More importantly, we believe in the idea that science should be exciting and easily accessible to everyone, regardless of background.


At Curieus, our objectives are simple: innovate, inspire, and impact.


Honoring Nobel Prize laureate Marie Curie’s pioneering role in paving an uncharted path for women in science, Curieus combats STEM’s lack of diversity by creating opportunities for underrepresented and underserved youth—particularly at-risk students and girls. We believe that students will be more inclined to pursue STEM when introduced to its fascinating topics from a young age, just as how children are more likely to engage in a sport, hobby, or activity they are already familiar with. With this in mind, we aim to not only spark and nurture an interest in science and technology but also use the awe-inspiring relevance of these fields to connect students to their lifelong passion for learning and pursuit of knowledge. We give our students the tools of the future and build their courage and confidence as changemakers.


We are dedicated to empowering the next generation of innovators, and we hope that you can join us!

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