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Curieus in Quarantine

As schools around the world shut down due to COVID-19, we developed Curieus in Quarantine: a two-week video series designed to add an hour of free, hands-on science to kids' quarantine routines.

Check out a few of our videos!

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Curieus Cares

True to our mission, we sourced, packaged, and delivered free Curieus experiment kits to hundreds of low-income families, bringing our hands-on science curriculum to all homes during this challenging time.

Curieus Capstone

Curieus Capstone is an in-depth opportunity for highly motivated, low-income 8th-10th graders to engage in meaningful and deep research, culminating with a presentation and feedback on their work from experts in the field they pursue. Over the course of a semester, students will learn core concepts in the area of their project and then engage in the full research cycle including “field” work and summarizing and presenting their work. Presentations will be held with university faculty and professionals in the field, with an emphasis on experts from underrepresented backgrounds for the students to resonate with.

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capstone introduction 

technical training in area of research

research process

meaningful hands-on research with concrete results

research recap

preparation of final presentation

demo day!

presentation of research to experts in the field

week 1

week 3

week 9

week 10

Let's do this together.

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