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Wrapping Up Our Pilot Program

Finally, we can declare our pilot program a success! From the beginning of January, we've been working with the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula to bring our hands-on experiments and mentorship to a class of 4th and 5th graders hailing from all around the Ravenswood School District.

Most of our class!

In the last couple weeks of our quarter, we investigated how we can hear/make different sounds by making string telephones and harmonicas! Students learned about how sound is the result of vibrations, which create waves in the air that our ears and brain can process as different pitches. Then, we spent the week on rocket science, making both soda rockets and paper rockets to investigate Newton's laws of motion!

A student investigating sound waves with her homemade harmonica

Battle of the harmonicas!

Explaining why we need fins for our soda rockets

Team work makes the dream work! (Or the rocket)

Our pilot program culminated in a Quarter Showcase, where students chose some of their favorite experiments from the quarter to present to their friends and parents. In groups, they reflected on what they did, what they learned, the relevance of their chosen activity, and made a poster to demonstrate their knowledge. Most even led their audience through the interactive activity at the showcase!

With that, we're so excited to continue bringing hands-on experiments to and sparking curiosity in students with our spring quarter, where we're going to be expanding to two classrooms with over 15 volunteers from around the Bay Area!

Special thanks to Lena Potts and Rina Alcantara from BGCP for supporting our first Curieus after-school program and to all our volunteers from this quarter:

Rachel Park

Maya Khodabakchian

Michelle Gao

Olivia McGeever

Honor Pimentel

Ben Siminoff

Dylan Bowers

George Rogers


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