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Week One, Done!


Week One, Done!

Our first week of Curieus in Quarantine was a smashing success! Thank you to all of our budding scientists (and supportive parents) for joining us as we learned about the power of soap, made a couple of colorful explosions, and shook up some delicious science!

Week Two of Curieus in Quarantine videos will premiere on Monday, May 18th.

We're taking this week to take your feedback into account, so that our next installment of lessons will be better than ever. To help us bring you a better experience, we would love to hear from you and your family. Parents, please take a moment to fill out the first survey below, then have your child(ren) fill out the second survey!

Families who fill out the surveys below will receive special access to a bonus experiment!

Step 1: Fill out Parent Survey Complete encuesta de padre (versión en español aquí)

Step 2: Fill out Student Survey Complete encuesta de estudiante (versión en español aquí)

Step 3: Check your inbox for a bonus video, coming soon! ¡Compruebe su buzón de entrada para un video bonus!

In the meantime...

Still want some Curieus this week? We've curated a selection of our lesson plans we use in our programs throughout the year and adapted them so that you can still do some science offline. Click the links below for access to each lesson plan!

Bird Beak Evolution Put different types of picker-uppers to the test and learn about Darwin's theory of natural selection with this fun challenge Egg Drop Brainstorm, prototype, and test an egg-protecting device to learn about the engineering design process Gummy Bear Osmosis Submerge some of your favorite bears in different liquids to watch osmosis in action Rainbow Flowers Change the color of flowers to explore how plants survive Cell Phone Stands Brainstorm, prototype, and test a cell phone stand to test your engineering skills (and finally watch our lessons in peace!)

Our year-round students performing the egg drop experiment. Try it out and let us know if your egg survives!

Curieus to see how Week One went? Check out these highlights!

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Missed this week's lessons?

Don't worry! Our lessons are always available so that you can do them anytime, anywhere. Visit our curriculum page to check out what you missed!

Color-Changing Milk

Baking Soda Volcanoes

Lava Lamps

Chromatography Mystery

Homemade Ice Cream

We continue to wish you and yours health and happiness during these trying times. Please continue sending in your photos from experiments. We would love to feature you on our website!

Until May 18th, stay Curieus!

The Curieus Team


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