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Hello Fall Quarter!


Hello Fall Quarter! Curieus classes have been hard at work this past month. Keep reading to learn more about what our classes have been up to. 

Our Physics and Engineering class was tasked with the challenge of buildings contraptions to protect their eggs in a ten foot drop. Students learned all about the creative design process as well as gravitational forces. Everyone's designs turned out EGG-cellent!

In our Biology and Chemistry class, students got to make their very own volcanoes and learned all about the science behind volcanic eruptions and chemical reactions. It's safe to say students had an absolute BLAST!

Curieus Is Growing!

Curieus volunteers from high schools Castilleja, PALY, MA, Menlo, and Nueva have begun the process of establishing their own Curieus chapters. The Curieus team is so grateful for their home at the Boys and Girls Club in Menlo Park, and we're excited to expand our after-school classes to more students throughout the Bay Area. 

Upcoming Workshops Curieus is hard at work planning more library workshops for the 2019-2020 school year. Stay tuned for dates this winter! 

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