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Future Astrophysicists Recap & More Summer Workshops!

Our Future Astrophysicists workshop in June was such a blast! With our largest cohort as of yet, we investigated black holes, Newton's laws of motion, and built our own rockets, culminating in an intense rocket launch competition outside in the sun!

After keeping up with the latest in black hole research with the first picture of a black hole taken just a couple months ago, students learned about how black holes are created and their effect on space-time (Einstein's theory of relativity!) by making models with balloons marbles, and watermelon.

Modeling Einstein's theory of relativity with the fabric of space-time!

For the second portion of the workshop, students engineered their own rocket prototypes and investigated Newton's laws of motion using a chemical reaction to thrust their rockets high up into the air!

Rocket building time!

Learning about how the chemical reaction will launch our rockets into the air

Safety first!

The workshop was such a success, and we hope that everyone enjoyed launching mini rockets as much as we did! We have two more hands-on workshops at the Redwood City Library this summer, with the next one coming up this Sunday, July 21st! Join us from 1:30-4 pm in the 3rd floor Community Room for our Future Biologists workshop, where students will explore the study of living organisms through DNA extractions and modeling!

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