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After-School Program

Our after-school program immerses kids in fun, hands-on science every week to spark curiosity and a passion for learning. Each Curieus chapter partners with a local elementary school or after-school community site, focusing on underserved areas, to bring our mission and curriculum to kids who need it mostWith passionate high school instructors leading the lessons, our program is unique in its focus on building connections between students in order to make science as fun and exciting as possible, while also developing collaboration, communication, and confidence.

Demonstration and Discussion-Based

Our curriculum is carefully designed to immerse students in the STEM experience through hands-on activities and thought-provoking discussions rather than standard lectures. Students are encouraged to freely share their ideas and explore topics that pique their curiosity.

Youth To Youth

Our programs are led by teams of trained high school volunteers who are passionate about science and giving back. By building youth-to-youth connections with their high school mentors, our students thrive in a safe and supportive learning environment.


Light Up Your Creativity

All the cameras, phones, computers, and other electronic devices we use today are based on circuits.

Explore electricity by making your own circuits and adding light to your artwork!

Blast Off!

How do we launch things and people beyond Earth?

Investigate Newton's Laws of Motion and how we use them to explore space by building and launching your own bottle rocket

Wonders of the Human Brain

The human brain has unlimited potential.

Learn about its structure and how it constantly develops through a brain model and activities that test your perception!

Slime Time!

Everything around us is made of matter.

Explore the properties of matter and non-Newtonian fluids by making your own slime!

Whodunnit? Color Detective

How are vibrant colors made?

Learn about the chemistry of color by separating colored molecules in ink to solve the mystery at hand!

Scrumptious Science

How can we get a solution cold enough to freeze?

Explore the science behind food and the states of matter with a tasty experiment: homemade ice cream

How Do Computers Work?

Computers perform operations at amazing speed and accuracy, shaping the society we live in today

Explore how they accomplish these tasks by disassembling one and looking inside!

Coding 101

Coding is the language of the future.

Learn coding basics and create your first game using Scratch!

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