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Director of Operations

Role: Oversee and develop growing network of chapters

Sample tasks: Manage Chapter HQ, create community for chapter directors, design and execute onboarding process for new chapters, reach out to potential chapter directors

Useful skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills, organization and leadership skills

Expected time commitment: 3-5 hrs/week

*note: this role is different from being a Chapter Director, the Director of Chapters manages Chapter Directors! To apply to be a Chapter Director, pleasevisit our Chapters page here.

Director of Media and Design

Role: Help produce everything visual for Curieus and maintain website

Sample tasks: Design and update website, create flyers and templates, etc.

Useful skills: Any artistic/design experience

Expected time commitment: 1-4 hrs/week

Associate Director of Curriculum

Role: Help lead development curriculum and teaching materials

Sample tasks: Create lesson templates, compile course topics and teaching materials, moderate classes to ensure course quality, coordinate curriculum development team

Useful skills: Strong writing skills, teaching/tutoring and/or service experience,

Expected time commitment: 3-4 hrs/week

Associate Director of Marketing - Social Media

Role: Create creative content for social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.), brainstorm social media campaigns

Sample tasks: Come up with captions for posts, collect and organize photos from volunteers, work with Design to design new posts, engage with audiences (reply to comments, like photos, etc.)

Useful skills: Experience coordinating sponsorships or business partnerships, experience providing business pitches, professional connections/network

Expected time commitment: 2-3 hrs/week

Associate Director of Marketing - Communications

Role: Write blog posts and newsletters, lead campaigns to expand social media presence, conduct analytics research to direct growth and impact

Sample tasks: Create campaigns to recruit new high schooler instructors, students, donors, etc; conduct email campaigns and research analytics

Useful skills: Strong writing and editing skills, communication, social media know-how

Expected time commitment: 2-3 hrs/week

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