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Extract Strawberry DNA

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Free, pre-packaged boxes with all the needed materials are available for low-income families in San Mateo/Santa Clara counties (while supplies last)

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"Curieus in quarantine means fun and something I can do and have a lot of fun doing!!!!!!" - Ellie, Age 8

"This is the most positive thing happening that I know of during this Covid crisis." - High School Science Teacher

"It makes science more exciting." - Gavin, Age 11

"Es un programa muy bueno para nuetros hijos que aprendan ciencias." - Parent


"As a science teacher, I am very impressed at how well the instructions for each experiment are presented. My 7 year old is able to gather his materials from the list, watch the videos,  and do the experiments with little help from me. I also love how well the science behind each experiment is explained.​" - High School Science Teacher

"A fun educating break from stress and boredness." - Parent

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